Why good faucets are maily copper faucet?

Copper faucets are not necessarily good. At present, many copper faucets on the market are made of Hpb59-1 brass. However, the lead precipitation of the faucets made by Hpb59-1 is often exceeding the standard, commonly known as heavy metal exceeding the standard. Therefore, if the cheap copper faucet bought at home is used for drinking water, it is recommended to let it run for a while before using it, and try to flush away the water that has been in touchwith the copper.

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Lead-free copper is also used as copper material on the market, and this material is better. But relatively, it will be more expensive. On the one hand, it is because of the price difference of the material, and on the other hand, because the processing performance of this material is not as good as that of Hpb59-1, the process cost will be higher.
In addition, there is a material called zinc alloy is also used in the faucet. Don’t buy it. The lead content is too high, and it is easy to be corroded. Maybe the chrome plating on the outside looks similar to that of copper, but it cannot be polished where the water is inside, and you can’t imagine how dirty it is. It’s also heavy and you can’t lift it with your hands.
In fact, the healthiest thing for me is the plastic faucet, which is light and unstable, which makes people feel that it is easy to break. In fact, the strength is indeed not as good as that of metal, but it is generally used for five years, six years or even more than ten years, and there is no problem at all. Don’t underestimate plastic, most cars are plastic. At present, there are also metal-wrapped plastic faucets on the market. I personally think they are very good. They use metal as the shell and plastic for the internal waterway (this safety can be assured, food-grade materials are really not expensive, and there is no need to reduce costs), this kind of faucet It takes into account the appearance and feel of metal, and there is no risk of excessive heavy metals in the water quality (because there is no metal contact). More recommended, the price is generally between copper and plastic.
The faucet directly affects the health of household water. From the user’s point of view, it is too cheap to buy it (it may be a low-quality faucet), the service life is short, and heavy metals may be precipitated; slaughtered hard. So, what is the right price for the faucet?
Personally, I think it should be divided by faucet type: kitchen faucet>basin faucet>bathtub faucet>wall-mounted faucet
1. Kitchen faucet: It bears the needs of most of the household drinking water (cooking, cooking, boiling water, etc.). This type of faucet must be selected! Considering the copper material, the valve core, the feel of use, and the functions of pulling and pulling, the better ones are about 700-1K.

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2. Basin faucet: Provides water for washing hands, cleansing face, and brushing teeth. Usually, the frequency of use is the highest. Both the material (healthy water quality) and the durability must be considered, but the functional requirements are not high, and the better ones are about 300-600.

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3. Bathtub faucet: It is mainly used for skin water, the frequency of use is not high, and the price is close to or slightly lower than that of the basin faucet.

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4. Wall-mounted faucet: Usually mopping the floor and other water, the water quality is not high. This type of faucet first considers the service life (such as the valve core), and you can buy a good one for dozens of dollars.

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