12 tips for bathroom decoration

Bathroom is a place to free the mind and body. A good bathroom can help people stretch the mind and recharge the batteries for life, allowing us to welcome a new day. For modern people seeking a healthy and stylish home life, the existence of the bathroom is no longer just to meet the basic needs of life, but has evolved into a pleasure. As an important part of a happy home, the bathroom can also be well matched with a variety of styles.

Bathroom space decoration principles

Colour co-ordination

A sense of white expansion can give the visual effect of a small bathroom a good debugging. It is advisable to choose cool colours with a sense of cleanliness in small bathrooms and to match them with the same tones, so that the whole space is bright and tidy. Low colour and high brightness colours are good choices, but it is not advisable to choose too many colours, otherwise it will look overly cluttered. It is worth noting that the colour of the bathroom cabinets should be coordinated with the decoration of the whole bathroom space, with natural and reasonable, at the same time, you can also choose a removable bathroom cabinet.

Space layout to be reasonable

For smaller bathroom,  try to meet the basic functions, while carrying out a reasonable space layout, do not rigidly divide the space. The smaller the room, the less space is utilized. As space is limited, extra functions have to be omitted and basic functions are indispensable.

Saving and making full use of the limited space is the guiding principle for the design of small bathrooms. The layout of the bathroom facilities should be compact, as far as possible, the use of smaller models of toilets, washbasins, bathtubs and small shapes of water ****, but pay attention to whether there is enough distance between the functional appliances to avoid increasing the sense of constraint.

Bathroom furniture has a point

The appropriate choice of bathroom furniture can largely influence the efficiency of the overall use of space in the bathroom. Well-designed, properly placed furniture, not only can accommodate more bathroom supplies, but also to save space to a greater extent, and will look messy lines and other hidden, both practical, but also can play a good visual effect.

In the specific choice of bathroom furniture, try to consider those who can make full use of the corner space, or can “multi-purpose”, there is sufficient storage space furniture, now concealed shower set is very popular in market, the mixer body and pipe are invisible in wall, it is really a good choice.

Decoration materials are fundamental

Small spaces, mirrors and glass due to the space has a better stretching visual effect, often become the designers preferred.

In addition, when choosing materials for bathroom decoration, special attention should be paid to waterproof and moisture-proof functions. For bathroom flooring materials, it is better to use non-slip floor tiles, which are not only waterproof, but also not too slippery even when they are wet. The top should be protected from water vapour, and it is better to use PVC fasteners with good waterproofing properties. In terms of circuit layout, extra care should be taken when installing lights and wires. It is better to use lamps and switches with safety features, and the connectors and plugs should not be exposed.

Tips to make the space brighter

Some bathrooms may not have enough light because they are in the inner rooms of the room. To compensate for this, bathrooms can generally be fitted with waterproof daylight wall lights or explosion-proof incandescent pendants, enhancing the bathroom lighting to compensate for the lack of natural light. In addition, simple decorations such as small-sized patchwork mosaics are now popular to give a brighter look and enhance the bathroom’s sense of style. In addition, choose some shade-tolerant, moisture-loving green potted plants placed in the bathroom can make the bathroom of a small home a little more alive and vibrant.

Don’t save money for bathroom decoration at 8 aspects.

The home decoration can be saved is the wish of many renovators, but for the more functional bathroom, if the place should not be saved to leave a lot of decoration regret. So it is better to know what you can’t save when you make plans, to avoid adding unnecessary trouble later.

Don’t save money on plumbing

If the plumbing is not done, the renovation is equal to zero. Bathroom is a multi-way plumbing collection of places, if installed after the design, selection of materials and problems caused by leakage of water and electricity, the cost of reworking is a considerable amount of money. Therefore, we must choose good quality water pipes, wires, electrical conduits, and wiring to meet the regulations.

Don’t save money on sockets

With the expansion of space and increased functionality, the bathroom has more and more appliances. Many families have installed intelligent toilets, the whole bath, Jacuzzi, multifunctional bathroom cabinets and other sanitary ware or television, audio and other audio-visual equipment. When decorating with a limited budget, you can also set aside the sockets first to avoid the trouble of rewiring later.

Don’t save money on waterproof materials

Waterproofing in the bathroom is also very important. Not only should the materials be good, but they should also be painted as required. Floor waterproofing should generally be brushed twice and a 24-hour closed water test, while wall waterproofing should also be done to a height of 180 cm. The corners of walls and water pipes should be waterproofed carefully, as these are the areas where problems are more likely to occur.

Don’t save money on non-slip tiles

Bathroom floors often give water, laying ordinary tiles people walking on it is easy to slip. Especially the elderly, children’s families should pay more attention to this issue. Therefore to the bathroom to choose the ground material must pay attention to its non-slip, although the price is more expensive, but in return for the use of the family’s safety and health.

Don’t save money on heating equipment

Bathing at home has become a habit of life for most people, but usually the bathroom is not a warm place, especially in winter, a large temperature difference people are prone to illness. Therefore, floor heating, heat sinks, bath bombs and other heating equipment is also an essential item in the bathroom. The type of product will depend on the specific situation.

Don’t save money on sanitary wares

Sanitary ware is used frequently and rarely replaced after installation, so the quality of the product must be good when choosing. Otherwise, if problems arise in three days, it is not only troublesome to repair, but also easy to cause leaks, difficult to clean, unusable and so on. The choice of hose is particularly important, the choice of bad will have to be replaced often.

Don’t save money on tempered glass

We often hear of incidents where people have been injured in showers and glass basins, which are mainly related to the quality of the glass used. Good toughened glass is generally very difficult to break and does not hurt people when broken. Therefore, in order to use it safely, you should not be greedy for the moment and try to choose a high quality brand with a good reputation.

Don’t save money on commonly used objects

Floor drains, overhead lights are commonly used in bathrooms but do not attract attention to the object. The quality of their good or bad also directly affects the normal life of everyone. Floor drains are not well chosen and can easily lead to poor drainage or odour return to the water, ordinary lights do not light up when they are exposed to moisture, so the top light must do moisture-proof treatment.




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