Sanitary ware industries get benefit from new economy policy

China’s economy was shut down for nineteen days from January 23, when Wuhan was “closed”, to February 10 2022, when enterprises resumed work. Famous financial writer Wu Xiaobo called on Feb. 5 to return one month’s tax money to private enterprises, about 660 billion yuan, to help them overcome the current difficulties. A lot of sanitary ware related factory are benefit from this policy.

At present, in addition to the central bank to interest rate bidding 1.2 trillion yuan reverse repurchase operations, Quanzhou, Tangshan, Ningbo, Foshan and other places sanitary ware area government issued a number of “benefit enterprises” initiatives to help small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the current difficulties.

  One of the largest sanitary ware industrial city Quanzhou released “nine” enterprises

February 4, “Quanzhou City People’s Government on the epidemic prevention and control period to support the production and operation of small and medium-sized enterprises nine measures” issued, from increasing financial incentives, reduce the burden of small and medium-sized enterprises rent, reduce taxes and fees for enterprises in difficulty, reduce enterprise credit costs, increase enterprise credit, stable enterprise loans, financial security services, allow the extension of social insurance business, strengthen tax facilitation services The notice also includes nine aspects, including helping small and medium-sized enterprises to cope with the epidemic. It is pointed out in the notice that enterprises affected by the epidemic that have suffered significant losses and whose normal production and operation activities have been significantly affected and have difficulties in paying property tax and urban land use tax can apply for property tax and urban land use tax hardship relief.

  North sanitary ware industrial Tangshan introduced “20 policies to benefit enterprises”

On February 4, Tangshan City formulated “20 policies to benefit enterprises” to help support small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome difficulties and tide over difficulties together. Tangshan policies for enterprises involve stabilizing enterprises and workers, increasing financial support, reducing the burden of enterprises, increasing support for enterprises producing epidemic prevention and control materials, and optimizing the customs clearance environment in five areas, a total of 20 articles. Among them, the impact of the epidemic, facing temporary production and operation difficulties, really can not afford to pay social insurance premiums in full of small and medium-sized enterprises, February, March should pay pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and work injury insurance, according to the provisions of the approved can be extended for a maximum of 6 months, the extension period does not charge late fees, does not affect the personal interests of the participants.

  Sanitary ware city Ningbo introduced the “18 articles” to benefit enterprises

On February 4, Ningbo Municipal Government issued “Eighteen Opinions on Winning the Battle of Epidemic Prevention and Control and Helping Small and Medium Enterprises to Tide Over the Difficulties”. The Opinions cover social security, finance, taxation, foreign trade, rent and other aspects, and are expected to benefit more than 270,000 enterprises. Among them, as many as six policies of financial support, including specifically encouraging the city’s banking institutions in accordance with the total size of 10 billion yuan quota, for the epidemic affected by the larger micro and small enterprises loans to reduce interest for three months, each household can enjoy a maximum of 1 million yuan loans, free of interest for three months.

  Guangdong famoust sanitary ware producing area Foshan will introduce ten policies to support enterprises

February 5 news, Foshan, “on the active response to the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia epidemic to support enterprises to tide over the difficulties of the ten policy views” will be introduced in the near future. In 10 aspects, such as partial tax relief for small and medium-sized enterprises, tax deferment, pre-tax deduction for donation expenditure, implementation of the policy of assisting enterprises to stabilize jobs, deferred payment of social insurance premiums, rent relief for small and medium-sized enterprises, guaranteeing credit stability for enterprises during the epidemic, focusing on meeting the financial needs of key production enterprises of epidemic prevention and control materials, supporting the import of epidemic prevention and control materials, supporting logistics enterprises to distribute epidemic prevention and control materials, etc., to help enterprises in a targeted manner due to We will help enterprises that encounter difficulties in production and operation due to the epidemic, fully support all kinds of production enterprises to resume work and production, and tide over the difficulties together with them.

For these anti-epidemic policies, Wu thinks it is good to carry on, but the “good chain” is too long, and it seems to be unable to quench the thirst of the small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot send out the next month’s staff salary and cannot pay the rent. At present, the most lack of private enterprises, in fact, only one, that is, the cash on the books.

In order to tide over the difficulties, kitchen and bathroom companies also introduced policies to support dealers. February 1, Gold Medal Kitchen announced that the national dealers to bear more than 10,000 employees a month’s salary, and called on all dealers to strengthen the psychological guidance of employees, 2020 refused to lay off staff. February 5, Shangao bathroom announced that the national dealers for each family to subsidize 10,000 yuan of rent to reduce the financial pressure on dealers. In addition, Red Star Macalline, Jiahe Lotte Home, Melody Lotte Home, Daon Home, Fulma Home, Xi’an Daming Palace, Guangxi Fu’anju and other home furnishing stores also launched rent-free, rent reduction policy to reduce the economic pressure on the merchants.




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