Daily maintenance of faucet

After a faucet is used for a period of time, it will produce a lot of stains, which will greatly reduce the aesthetics of the faucet. In addition, if you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the faucet, it will also affect the normal use of the faucet. The following small series will introduce to you the precautions for cleaning and maintenance of kitchen and bathroom faucets.

The cleaning and maintenance precautions for kitchen and bathroom faucets include the following three points:

  1. Lightly open and lightly close faucet

Don’t use too much force to turn on and off the faucet, just turn it gently. The metal hose of the shower head for the shower should be kept in a naturally stretched state, and should not be folded into a dead angle to avoid breaking.

  1. Regular faucet cleaning

Even high-quality faucet products have to rely on proper cleaning and maintenance to exert their greater functions. The correct method is to wipe with a neutral cleaning solution and a soft cloth. Avoid using alcohol-based and acidic cleaners when cleaning, because they will damage the surface of the faucet.

  1. Develop good faucet cleaning and maintenance habits
  2. Because the water contains a small amount of carbonic acid, it is easy to form scale on the metal surface and cause corrosion to the surface of the faucet. Therefore, you should always wipe the surface of the faucet with a soft cotton cloth or sponge with neutral soapy water, and then dry the surface with a soft cloth. And the cleaning outlet is equipped with a screen to clean the impurities and scale in the screen.
  3. After taking a bath, it is better to clean the water droplets in the shower, and then hang it up. Do not put the shower directly on the switch to form scale. If the scale is accumulated, gently scrape it off with a pencil tip or chopsticks, and then wipe it off with a rag.
  4. For scale and rust on the faucet, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge dipped in a little special detergent, and then dry it with a clean rag or rinse it with water. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in toothpaste or wipe gently with a scouring pad dipped in toothpaste to remove scale and oil stains and keep the faucet surface clean and bright.
  5. Many people only pay attention to the surface of the faucet when cleaning the faucet, but the inside of the faucet is actually more important. If the faucet is running low or splits, it may be caused by a clogged aerator. The bubbler can be removed, soaked in vinegar, cleaned of debris with a small brush or other tool, and then reinstalled.

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There are many reasons for faucet leaks. If it is just a simple leak, you can repair it yourself. If water leaks at the water outlet, it is caused by the wear of the shaft gasket. Just use pliers to loosen and remove the gland bolt and replace with a new axle spacer. If the gap at the bottom of the faucet is leaking, it is caused by the wear of the triangular gasket in the gland. Take out the triangular gasket inside the gland and replace it with a new one.




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