What needs to be prepared in advance when we do bathroom decoration?

In indoor decoration, often is easy to overlook our toilet decorate area, although it area is not large, but bear the important task in our life, and the toilet water line is extremely complex, if don’t handle some details when decorating, like wei yu product size, or decorate preparation, etc., that will give life to a bigger trouble in the future, We need to spend a lot of energy and money to solve.
In the decoration, we should firmly control the bathroom decoration details, so as to reduce our future troubles to a greater extent, today we will talk about, in the toilet decoration, we need to pay attention to what details?
First, the size of bathroom products
Facing a wide variety of sanitary ware products on the market, for those who decorate a small white, don’t know how to choose, in fact, when we buy sanitary ware, in addition to pay attention to the quality of the product, the size also should be our focus on objects, even if again good, appearance and high product that defend bath, bought after home size not appropriate, there is no use everything, when we buy product that defend bath so, we must have a clear plan to the specific dimension of whole bathroom, will fill corresponding prodcut according to the size of the bathroom.
Is good in the bathroom design, choose good these facilities, so that we can guarantee the space fit in a large extent, such as where should install socket, the dimensions or the dimensions of bathroom ark, these must be clear when we in the design of toilet, so can not only speed up the construction progress, and can also ensure comfortable for daily use.
Second, Dead ends
Cleaning is always important in the bathroom, which has always been the hardest hit area to clean, and the cleaning burden is heavy, especially in some of the dead-end areas of the bathroom, where a lot of effort is often required. For example, the dead space around the toilet is often very easy to hide dirt and grime, which is a particular headache for housewives. We can use wall-mounted toilets, which are more convenient to use and take up less space, without any sanitary corners. Products such as bathroom cabinets, try to choose the overhanging design, not directly in contact with the ground, the mop can be directly into its cleaning, not only very high value, and cleaning is particularly convenient and simple
Third, plumbing and electrical renovation diagram
Generally in the bathroom after the plumbing renovation, basically the renovation company will provide the owner with a plumbing renovation diagram, many owners do not think, just throw away. In fact, this practice is wrong, the plumbing transformation diagram must be saved, that the upper side of the marked plumbing line direction, if the problem arises later, we can make changes according to this diagram, so that there are rules to follow, not to start. Also be sure to re-back up a copy of the plumbing diagram, just in case.
Forth, wet and dry separation design
If you don’t want your bathroom to be full of moisture every day, you must do a wet and dry design. In modern home decoration, washrooms are clear wet and dry separation design, only this design way is more in line with the bathroom, no shortage of wash area and shower area separated, a greater degree to ensure that the two are separate from each other, a bathroom can be used by more than one person, there will be no embarrassing situation waiting for the bathroom. And wet and dry separation design can also block the spread of water vapour, after the shower, the ground will no longer be wet, greatly enhance our daily experience and create a good hygienic space for life.
Fifth, the washroom is closely related to us, whether it is the function it carries or the frequency of our daily use, it is always much more important compared to other functional areas. So we must grasp the details of the processing of home decoration, details often determine success or failure, a comfortable use experience, reasonable design of the bathroom, often in the details are also very impressive.




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