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India introduces smaller toilet tanks to save 10% of water

India has started to introduce smaller toilet tanks nationwide, saving a significant amount of drinking water compared to the previous large flush toilet tanks.

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According to a study by the DSF, prepared by Science Advocacy New Delhi, most developed countries have standards for smaller tanks, yet flushing fixtures in India still use large water-consuming tanks and 6-litre flushes, whereas a 3-litre flush would reduce water use in toilets by 40% and reduce water use in the city as a whole by 8-10%, which would go a long way to alleviating India’s drought.

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Most Indian cities, including many major ones, face a serious drinking water shortage, and the savings from the new standard tanks, if rolled out, would alleviate this problem. Take New Delhi as an example, the average daily water consumption for cleaning a toilet for a family of five is 200 litres, there are about 2 million households and 70% of households have flushing toilets, so the water used for flushing is about 400 million litres per day, and if the new tank standard can be invoked and implemented for 3-5 years, then a major city like New Delhi could save 160 million litres of water per day, and it would be a saving of 59 billion litres of water per year.

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