Why are China’s sanitary product exports so frequently blocked?

As early as 2011, Brazil sniped at China’s sanitary enterprises, the import tariff from 15% to 35%. In addition to Brazil, in recent years, the EU, Indonesia, Argentina and other places of trade protection policies, it can be said that China’s sanitary wares exports to form a multi-party suppression of the situation, tariffs, punitive taxes and increasing day by day, China’s sanitary wares exports are struggling.

Rising labour costs export advantage gradually lost

China has traditionally had the advantage of abundant labor resources, low labor costs, compared with developed countries, labor cost advantage is really incomparable. In addition, the production of sanitary ware is a labour-intensive industry, the formation of China’s sanitary industry has an inherent advantage in human costs. However, recently, due to the influence of various environments and conditions, such as wages and benefits, social security contributions, working environment, labour intensity, rights and interests, etc., as well as some deep-seated social and market links, there are variables and problems, and the “unlimited supply” of cheap labour has turned on the red light. Serious shortage of workers in the labour market and the resulting “shortage of workers” has become another “bottleneck” plaguing the healthy development of the bathroom industry, the advantages of exporting products are gradually lost, domestic bathroom enterprises into a crisis that has never been seen before.

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Product homogenization phenomenon serious market competitiveness is weak

Now, many companies are pursuing micro-innovation, but it seems that many companies have gone astray on the road of micro-innovation, turning micro-innovation into “no innovation”. More obvious in the bathroom industry is the increasing number of homogenized products, bathroom design is generally the same. Indeed, the original design of the bathroom is to learn from the development of imitation, but many people in the imitation of the road to the bend, into a copy, the same cloud, the bathroom enterprise subjective R & D capacity is weak so that today’s bathroom industry is homogenized “dead set”. The international market has higher requirements for product personalization, if sanitary ware enterprises want to get out of the development dilemma, to international, strengthen the ability to innovate is the key.

Why are China's sanitary product exports so frequently blocked? - Blog - 2

Market positioning focus degree is low brand bigger and stronger difficult

Why lead to local sanitary ware enterprises at home and abroad are worried, I think the market positioning is not clear is an important reason. Foreign market demand for personalized more clearly, which requires domestic sanitary ware to export, it must be targeted to adapt to the taste of international consumers, and targeted design personality products, powerfully shaped the enterprise’s products are different, to give a distinctive personality or image, and this image vividly conveyed to them, so that the product in the market to determine the appropriate position, therefore, who can find the right international positioning, who can win the foreign market.

Why are China's sanitary product exports so frequently blocked? - Blog - 3

Overseas market this piece of cake is not anyone can eat, the local sanitary ware enterprises should review the situation, the strength of the strong strike, the courage to seize the international market.




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