Top 10 bathroom faucet brands in USA

Many bathroom faucet brands have a long history of producing quality, innovative and affordable faucets in a variety of styles to complement any kitchen remodel or bathroom. Finding the best faucet brand for your home will depend on the designs, durability, affordability and even the warranty a brand offers. Take a peek at the list of the top 10 best overall faucet brands in USA we’ve selected.

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Kohler Co is one of the most popular brands in manufacturing sanitaryware as well as other homeware products. Their main products are Kohler Bardon urinals, Kohler bath and kitchen fixtures, showers, hand showers, toilets, Kitchen Sinks, touchless kitchen faucets, and traditional iron bath tubes. The company was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler.

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The place where you can get all types of bathroom and kitchen fittings is ‘American Standard’. Here you can find modern, innovative, and traditional kitchen and toilet fittings. Their past experience, new innovative ideas, and award-winning designs make them a reliable brand in the whole USA.The company’s common products are electronic bidet seats, round and elongated toilets, bathtubs, bathroom sink faucets, bath-shower faucets, bathroom faucets, commercial Faucets, pull down & pull out kitchen faucets, touchless kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, shower valves, toilet seats, urinals, kitchen & bathroom accessories, etc. They provide toilets that don’t clog and save water and also offer self-cleaning toilets as well.

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Moen is an American faucet manufacturer. The company Moen was founded in 1956 by Alfred M Moen. The company always focuses on the water conservatives system. Moen is a brand that is well-known for its modern and luxurious faucets products. Moen is not only a popular brand in the USA but also the whole world. They provide sensor products as well. Their uniquely designed and beautifully looked products really give you a wave of peace in your mind.

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Delta is the core company of MASCO, the US home furnishing and decoration group, with annual sales of more than $1 billion. DELTA products adhering to the consistent spirit of innovation, with superior quality and elegant design sold in Europe and America.In the field of sanitary ware, the company has introduced wear-resistant glazing products and water-saving toilets. In the field of kitchen products launched the “easy to take care of, forever new” high-quality stainless steel sink, to add unlimited interest to your kitchen life. In the field of bathroom faucet products, Delta has a number of patents and innovations, and has been a well-known and frequently purchased brand in the US market.

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In 1999, the American Jazz JACUZZI brand introduced Affinity luxury hydrojacuzzi, which contains a 9-inch TV, four stereo speakers, and pool lights. The hydromassage nozzle combination includes a leg nozzle with a flow rate of 45 gallons per minute; With four adjustable nozzles with a flow rate of 30 gallons per minute, two pairs of three nozzles on the back and a total of 60 bubble bath jets around the bottom of the pool, it is considered by the industry as the ultimate choice for audio-visual entertainment combined with hydromassage enjoyment in bathroom.

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Started in the United States in 1937, luxury brand, one of the world’s famous faucet companies Moen (Moen) of the high-end faucet brand. show-house is the world’s famous high-end faucet, kitchen basin brand of the United States Moen’s high-end brand, positioned to provide high-quality bathroom products for noble celebrities, five-star hotels, is the combination of advanced design concept and aesthetic art.

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Pfister® is a high-end bathroom brand owned by PFIster Company, founded in 1910 in California, USA, and joined PFIster Company in 2012, becoming an important member of the PFIster family.

Pfister® has a professional design, research and development, production and service team, with “customer experience first” as the core concept of the brand, user experience is the driving force for the continuous development of Pfister®. In China, Pfister® has been loved and trusted by the majority of consumers, and has built brand stores in Shenzhen, Beijing and other places, creating value for Chinese consumers through high-quality products.

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KRAUS is a local American brand based in New York. As an emerging American kitchen and bath brand, KRAUS provides high quality of life for American families and is committed to making every KRAUS product better.With multiple offices around the world, KRAUS brings the same quality of products and services to the world.All KRAUS brand products are manufactured in accordance with the Northern Standard and have passed a series of authoritative certifications such as CUPC.NSF61.

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Toto is a Japan-based manufacturer. It was founded in 1917, and now it is one of the world’s largest toilets manufacturer. With a minimalist design and advanced cleaning options, Toto acquires its position in the list of the top 10 sanitaryware manufacturers in the USA. The company’s main products are toilets, faucets, touchless faucets, showers, and flotation tubs.The highest level of cleaning, the addition of new technology, and the protection of the environment are the main priorities of this company. Instead of the USA, their products are also sold in other countries like – China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and also in European countries.

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Danze by Gerber has been a leader in bathroom and kitchen innovation for the past 20 years. Danze has the perfect balance of style and function, and this company follows strict standards in design.Danze’s brand is described as “young,” “playful,” and made up of independent thinkers. A subsidiary of GlobeUnionIndustrialCorporation. They are one of the brands on the market looking to create a unique look with a modern style while meeting the average customer’s budget.


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