How to choose a good quality shower tap?

  1. Brand.

Brand means guarantee. This guarantee is not only the guarantee of product quality, but also the guarantee of pre-sales and after-sales service. Big brands will be more concerned about their reputation, in quality control will also be more attentive, so we must choose a big brand when choosing a shower, even if it is the basic model of a big brand.

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  1. Material.

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Big brand faucet/shower mostly are made by brass and chrome plated, this material is durable and not easy to get rusty, after years and years of use, a wipe will be like a new general, glossy;.

Most of the small brands choose “stainless steel”, stainless steel for a long time the results of the use of rust, looks very dirty.

The choice of material is a means of cost control manufacturers, this point consumers can be assured that as long as they do choose the products of large brands, can be purchased, large brands will not be in the most basic material smashed their reputation, but will be extra care, I hope to compare competitors can win in the details, win in the basic material.


  1. The number of spouts.


One outlet to ensure the availability of the shower, to complete the user’s shower needs.

Two outlet perfects the availability of the shower, and the removable handheld shower nozzle makes it possible for users to wash and clean the full range of needs.

Three outlet, four outlet increases the practicality of the shower. Three outlet shower will increase the spout at the bottom of the main valve, can complete the daily wash rags, wash mop, bath wash a few small clothes needs; four outlet adds a high-pressure water gun, so that the shower cleaning range can cover the entire bathroom, more convenient and practical.

We recommend choosing a three-spout or four-spout shower, this order of magnitude of the spout can be excellent to complete the needs of consumers in different use scenarios.

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  1. Function.

After the shower can excel in the completion of the consumer’s daily shower needs, under the premise of continuous technological progress, whether from the aesthetic degree, or comfort point of view, the shower also has more and more additional features.

For example, more diverse flushing methods to adapt to different user habits; for example, the emergence of thermostatic shower allows the shower because of other places (such as the kitchen while bathing, while washing dishes.) With water and lead to unstable water temperature will never appear ……

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