Let’s know more about faucet!

A, the classification of faucets

  1. From the role, the faucet can be used in different places, like the kitchen and bathroom, and the bathroom faucet can be divided into shower faucet and basin faucet.


Kitchen faucet: kitchen faucet is mainly used for washing dishes and dishes, the neck is long, some will even use god pull type, usually in the form of left and right rotation, single link double link are very common.

Shower faucet: shower faucet is used with the shower, generally triplex, there is a socket below for connecting the shower.

Basin faucet: Basin faucet is generally used for washing, low position, short neck, more up and down flip cover and brass material.


  1. From the open way, faucet due to different open direction is divided into spiral faucet, up and down lift type faucet, induction faucet and wrench type faucet.


Spiral faucet: spiral faucet to force to twist more than one circle, the amount of water with by small gradually become larger, more time-consuming and laborious, and now has been gradually eliminated.

Up and down lift type faucet: up and down lift type faucet as long as the upward lift can open water, according to the lift arc control water flow size, more convenient, is now more common in the bathroom.

Induction faucet: induction faucet can well avoid the problem of forgetting to turn off the water, but also will not alternately touch the handle, in today’s epidemic is more health and safety, but it is used for a long time there is a delay.

Wrench type faucet: Wrench type faucet is opened by turning the handle and controlling the water flow with the rotation angle.


  1. From the number of spouts, the faucet can be divided into single-link faucet, double-link faucet and triple-link faucet.


Single-connected faucet: single-connected faucet can be connected to hot or cold water, only one outlet.

Duplex faucet: Duplex faucet can be connected to hot and cold water pipes, often used for basin faucets.

Triplex faucet: Triplex faucet in addition to connecting hot and cold water, but also need to have a connection to the shower head spout, mostly used for shower faucets.

So, if you want to start kitchen faucet generally choose wrench type single faucet; if you want to buy shower faucet generally use lift type triple faucet; if you want basin faucet you can choose double lift type or induction faucet.


Second, the material of the faucet

  1. From the appearance, the faucet material has plastic, zinc alloy, stainless steel, fine copper and ceramic 5 kinds.


Plastic: plastic faucets made of ABS plastic, rich in color, cheap, but poor durability, cheap feeling, generally do not use this material at home.

Zinc alloy: zinc alloy is also relatively cheap, but the handle is easy to break, most of the faucets online is the material of zinc alloy.

Stainless steel: stainless steel acid and alkali resistance is relatively strong, not easy to corrode and rust, also does not contain lead, is a relatively high security faucet, but the market is now difficult to mass production, the price is more expensive.

Fine copper: fine copper faucet will copper plating on the surface to achieve the effect of friction and corrosion resistance, glossy, more advanced, generally used in basin faucets.

Ceramic: ceramic faucet is not easy to accumulate limescale, durable, but the price is more expensive and easy to break, the family with children is not recommended.


  1. From the core valve, the faucet can be divided into ceramic core valve, stainless steel core valve and roller type core valve.


Ceramic core valve: ceramic core valve due to small pollution, wear-resistant and sealed, is now on the market most brands use the most material.

Stainless steel core valve: stainless steel core valve is affected by water quality is small, wear-resistant, relatively strong, is a more advanced material.

Roller core valve: roller core valve long service life, easy to install and repair, but its style is relatively old, and now the market has been gradually eliminated.


Third, the faucet selection points

1.core valve: stainless steel core valve > ceramic core valve > roller type core valve.


  1. Appearance: stainless steel > ceramic > fine copper > zinc alloy / plastic


  1. plating: plating type in order to make the luster of the faucet more beautiful, but also to improve its wear resistance and corrosion resistance, according to the provisions of the plating layer should be between 8μm ~ 12μm, it is best to use chrome plating techniques.


  1. starter: starter can control the water flow, change the water flow out of the way, there is filtration, noise reduction, anti-splash and water-saving effect, so to choose a faucet with a starter.


  1. budget and brand: good brands also have low-priced products, so be sure to choose a high-profile brand within almost the same budget.

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