How to choose a good floor drainer

Imagine these scenes: you have already cleaned everything, but after you wash your hair, the floor drainer becomes easily bunged up with your hair. Then, you have to pick your hair out from the dirty floor drainer, making yourself totally a mess again.

After your hard work for all day long, you just want to take a shower to relax. However, when you walk into your bathroom, the stinky smell makes you dizzy. What’s worse, some midges are flying around you, making you uncomfortable and annoyed.

So, as you can see, a good flour drainer is really important in our daily life.

What are the advantages should a good floor drainer have?

  • Fast drainage.
  • Good insect prevention.
  • Excellent deodorization.
  • Reliable anti reverse irrigation performance.
  • Better logging prevention.
  • Easy dismounting and cleaning.
  • Clean and fresh appearance.How to choose a good floor drainer - Blog - 1

Several types of floor drainer.

  1. Spring floor drainer.

A spring is placed in the inner core of the spring floor drainer. When there is no water or less water, the spring will spring up and top up the sealing ring to close the water channel. When the water in the floor drainer reaches a certain height, through the gravity, the spring will be pressed down by the water, making the sealing ring opened to achieve drainage.

Advantages: good insect prevention and deodorization.

Disadvantages: enclosing performance will become worse as time goes by.

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  1. Magnetic levitation floor drainer.

The meglev floor drainer mentioned in the propaganda is essentially based on the principle of elastic sealing, using magnetic suspension technology to replace the spring elasticity, in order to solve the problem of spring elasticity changes with time.

Advantages: excellent enclosing performance, long service life.

Disadvantages: high price.

  1. Gravitational floor drainer.

The gravitational floor drainer relies on gravity to seal the leak with the cover sheet. When water passes through , the leak will be topped open by water, and when there is no water, it is closed.

Advantages: simple structure makes dismounting and cleaning easy.

Disadvantages: enclosing performance can be destroyed easily.

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  1. Magnet floor drainer.

The magnet floor drainer has a built-in magnet, which is attached to each other when there’s no water. However, when the water pressure is greater than the magnet suction, it will be separated and the drainage can be realized.

Advantages: better enclosing performance, high cost performance.

Disadvantages: some iron impurities are easily adsorbed on the magnet, long-time use will lead to worse deodorization performance.

  1. Water-sealing floor drainer.

Water-sealing floor drainer is divided into shallow water-sealing type and deep water-sealing type, using internal N-type pipe or U-type pipe to prevent insect and odor .

Advantages: simple structure makes cost low.

Disadvantages: long-time absence of use will lead to the evaporation of water and lose the effect of insect prevention and deodorization.

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Different materials of floor drainer.

  1. Copper floor drainer.

The durability of copper floor drainer is excellent and resistance to corrosion is high. Chrome and brushed nickel floor drainer both have high-end appearance. But the copper floor drainer is of higher price and easily scratched.

  1. Stainless steel floor drainer.

Good stainless steel floor drainer is made of 304 stainless steel, which has good rust prevention and durability. But the texture is not good and the price is not cheap.

  1. Alloy floor drainer.

Zinc alloy and aluminum alloy are the two main materials of the alloy floor drainer. The price of it is cheap, but the surface coating is easily damaged and the material is easily corroded.

  1. ABS engineering plastics floor drainer.

ABS engineering plastics floor drainer doesn’t rust and is cost-effective. It has long service time as long as not soaked in hot water. But the appearance and texture are not so elegant as other metallic materials’.


Pay attention to these points when choosing floor drainer.

Pay attention to the size of the pipe diameter and measure the size of the panel. The size of the panel is generally 10cm. The pipe diameter is generally 50mm, 40mm or even 75mm.

You should know that the floor drainer for bathtub and the floor drainer for washing machine are different. Choose the right floor drainer for different situation.

Find out whether there is a trap in your sewer pipe. If so, then buy a floor drainer without a trap. If not, remember to buy a floor drainer with a trap.

Buy mechanical floor drainer for dry area. If you choose water-sealing type, it can’t play the role of insect prevention or odor control. And if you choose mechanical floor drainer for wet area, it will be easily damaged.

Remember to check the floor drainer carefully and distinguish alloy floor drainer from copper floor drainer because some sellers may lie about the material, trick you and steal your money.

Hope you can find your own floor drainer.




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