Why copper brass is the best material to make faucet?

The main materials of copper faucet are copper and zinc, commonly known as brass. The main reason for using brass is the antibacterial property of copper. According to historical records, Egypt began to use copper to disinfect wounds, treat eye infections and burns, and disinfect drinking water before 2500 BC. The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and other world authoritative organizations have scientifically proven that antibacterial copper is effective in both Kills more than 99.9% of bacteria within hours, making it the most effective contact surface material in the world, unmatched by any other material such as silver ion coating or stainless steel.

Copper can quickly kill super bacteria like MRSA and prevent bacteria from producing antibodies. The inner wall of copper faucet will not breed bacteria, which is an advantage that other materials (such as stainless steel and plastic) do not have. With the mass production of low-lead copper (lead content less than 0.25%) and the improvement of antibacterial performance, there is reason to believe that it will still be the best material for faucet manufacturing in the future.




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