Something you need to know about thermostatic shower

The thermostatic shower has fancy looking and much more safer than normal shower, so it is loved by the majority of consumers, but we also need to know some skills when using the constant temperature shower to avoid unnecessary troubles. What are the constant temperature showers? How about using skills? What are the characteristics of the constant temperature shower? Let’s find out with me below.
1. What are the usage skills of the constant temperature shower?

1. The thermostatic shower is equipped with a temperature knob on the handle, which can control the temperature in a timely and effective manner. Adjustable temperature can be adjusted according to individual temperature needs. Its method is to adjust the knob, select a moderate temperature, turn on the faucet switch, and then there will be constant temperature water for use.

2. Before turning on the faucet, you only need to turn the temperature control handwheel to the temperature scale you want, so that the temperature of the water is the most comfortable shower temperature, which is convenient and saves electricity.

3. The faucet of the thermostatic shower has a safety button protected by the hand wheel. Although it is a smart shower, the elderly and children don’t have to worry about it when using it, avoiding unsafe factors.

4. The thermostatic shower is also a smart shower, which can be automatically turned off in a short period of time when the water is cut off, and will not cause discomfort to users due to sudden water stoppages that cause the water temperature to be too high or too low.

2. What are the characteristics of the thermostatic shower?

1. Safety. The thermostatic shower is very safe. The water temperature will not fluctuate.

2. Comfort. The constant temperature shower can ensure a constant water temperature during use, and there is no need to adjust the water temperature. It is quite comfortable and convenient to use, and is deeply loved by people.

3. Durability, because the thermostatic shower adopts a porcelain sealed structure, it will not be limited by the water supply pressure difference and the environment, and once the water temperature is set, no adjustment is required, and it saves the need to repeatedly adjust the water temperature during use, making it more durable.

4. Environmental protection. The high-quality thermostatic shower head is designed with lead-free materials. The use process is quite safe and environmentally friendly, which is incomparable to ordinary low-quality shower heads.




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