Small water heater installed to faucet

Because the indoor water heater is far from the kitchen faucet, so we wash dishes, always need to put a while cold water, hot water in the water heater to come, not only a bad experience, but also a waste of water.

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In order to solve this pain point in home life, the development of technology has also forced the industry innovation, some “short distance” small electric water heater began to appear. Such as the current “small kitchen treasure” and “electric faucet”. Especially the electric faucet, almost become a household necessary household goods.
However, some people say that electric faucets consume more electricity, and easy to break. So is this faucet worth buying in the end?
The disadvantages of electric faucets
In fact, there are many people in life who have noticed the electric faucet this short distance of hot water production equipment, but finally did not install. And the reason behind it is mainly considering these few disadvantages of it.
1, high power consumption
Electric faucet power is generally around 3000W, which means that every hour to consume 3 degrees of electricity. Of course, the actual process in use, electric faucets are mainly used in the winter, and limited to brush dishes and wash dishes, so the length of use is limited.
Previously, someone also used a micro electricity monitor test, brush the dishes took 12 minutes, used 0.675 degrees. If calculated in accordance with one degree of electricity 0.56 yuan, this time more than 10 minutes of water, spent less than 40 cents of electricity.
Calculated in accordance with three times a day to brush the dishes, each time about 10 minutes, then means that the daily electricity bill on the electric faucet is 80 or 90 cents. Although this power consumption may not seem like much, but a comparison with the home’s large appliances, you will find that it really is the king of power consumption.
After all, the power consumption of many refrigerators an hour still can not use 1 degree of electricity, and electric faucet practical 20 minutes can soar to 1 degree of electricity. This is a very obvious difference.
2, easy to burn bad
Because the electric faucet all the lines are squeezed in a small shell, plus a short period of more than 3000 KW of power for a long time heating operation, so it makes its life gradually shortened, especially some low quality miscellaneous brand, even less than a year to burn out.
3, the subjective worry about leakage
There are many people do not install electric faucets, the main consideration is worried about leakage. As some netizens say, electric faucet power supply on the side, brush dishes when washing dishes easy to splash water, in case of leakage how to do? The poor quality of electric faucets, leakage of electricity how to do? For the sake of safety or do not use it!
In fact, this subjective worry is completely superfluous, there are many electric faucets on the market are separated from water and electricity, and with leakage protector, so there is no need to worry about safety.
The advantages of electric faucets
I have more than a year from the renovation to move in, during the use of electric faucets, I have to say, I gained the following three real feelings.
1, good experience
Because my family’s water heater in the balcony, so every time you brush the dishes have to put a while cold water, hot water will come out. And the cold water in winter is really cold ah. But after the installation of electric faucet, the experience is completely different.
Instant hot it, 2-3 seconds on the hot water, brush dishes and wash dishes simply do not have to wait!
2, save water
Because the electric faucet can do that instant heat, so each time you no longer have to wait for the hot water in the water heater, and put away part of the cold water. No waste of water, from the side equivalent to save water. So in the bathroom faucet, I also installed a, it really proved to be too practical.
3, economical
At the beginning I mentioned that this short distance of the hot water production equipment, and small kitchen treasure. Although the small kitchen treasure also has its advantages, but in the price is far less affordable than the electric faucet. The electric faucet on the market, generally around a hundred dollars, basically not more than 200 yuan.
And so far I’ve been using it for more than a year now, without any problems. Only one thing, that is, over time its nozzle is sometimes clogged with limescale. So it is necessary to clean the faucet regularly.




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