Overseas market development by going abroad

In the past three years, the epidemic has blocked the pace of going abroad, and foreign trade people have not had face-to-face communication with overseas customers for a long time, while from the macro environment, affected by a series of intricate factors such as insufficient global economic recovery, inflation in Europe and the United States, and shrinking foreign demand, foreign trade still faces a new round of difficulties and challenges in the fourth quarter and early next year.

Since the epidemic, it has become difficult to participate in offline exhibitions, and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce issued a “Notice of Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce on Collecting Enterprises’ Demand for Chartered Flights to Participate in International Exhibitions Abroad” in July, and began to plan ahead for chartered flights to travel.

In September, we received the “Advance Notice of Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce on Organising Enterprises’ Charter Flights to Overseas Exhibitions” from the SPONSOR, and immediately arranged for dedicated staff to follow up, conveyed the relevant exhibition information to all towns and streets (parks), business associations and enterprises in Dongguan, and launched enterprises to participate in the exhibitions. For exhibitors participating in the exhibition projects that have been included in the Department of Commerce’s chartered flights, the airfare will be 100% subsidised by the provincial and municipal coffers, and government departments will provide support in the areas of unified overseas chartered flight matters, visa processing, remote epidemic prevention and control, and closed-loop management after entry. It helps exhibitors depart more assuredly and safely by participating in business charters to showcase their latest products, promote their brands and harvest more orders to world buyers.” The relevant person in charge of Dongguan’s Commerce Bureau told the surging news reporter.

Dongguan, as the country’s largest foreign trade city, has been under pressure to move forward this year in the face of a complex domestic and international environment. For Dongguan, how to stabilize foreign trade and maintain its competitiveness as soon as possible is a topic that must be faced and tackled. At the beginning of November this year, a special class for stabilising foreign trade was set up by the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce as an emergency workforce, and four waves of enterprise groups were organised to exhibit in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. Zeng Jianwei participated in the Singapore leg of the overseas exhibition.

As of December 8, Dongguan has launched more than 50 enterprises with nearly 100 foreign trade representatives to register for the 13th China (UAE) Trade Fair (December 19-21), another nearly 30 enterprises to exhibit on behalf of the exhibitors will be formed by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the Municipal Foreign Investment Promotion Centre to form a government delegation abroad to lead the enterprises, which will be the largest in Guangdong Province in recent years This will be the largest municipal delegation to exhibit abroad in Guangdong Province in recent years.

In July this year, Ningbo was the first city in China to charter a round-trip flight for foreign businesspeople to expand its market. In the face of the severe foreign trade situation, Ningbo government departments are doing everything possible to stabilise foreign trade, stabilise orders and expand the market.

“The whole Zhejiang government is encouraging enterprises to travel, so the entry and exit of renewing passports, applying for visas, etc., have become relatively more and more convenient.” As the organizer of the December 19 – December 21 China (UAE) Trade Fair, Ningbo Mio Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.’s person in charge of Xu Yiran told the surging news reporter, “the exhibition organizers, government departments, in the organization of enterprises, to encourage them to shift from online exhibitors to generation exhibitors, and then to offline field exhibitors. The trip set for the enterprise is probably between the 15th and 17th travel, the 18th set up exhibition 19 days to carry out.”
It is reported that Ningbo intends to take a combination of exhibition and recruitment, zoning, business-oriented, government-assisted way from November this year to April next year, to carry out a six-month “100 groups of thousands of enterprises to expand the market and promote the recruitment of” special attack action.

At present, Ningbo has organised two batches of eight business charter flights, with a total of 600 attendances, and completed orders amounting to US$2 billion. By the end of November, Ningbo’s foreign trade enterprises sent more than 850 people out of the city to carry out business activities, especially Yinzhou District, Beilun District enterprises responded enthusiastically, outbound business personnel up to more than 160 people. From a country perspective, mainly to the United States, Germany and Central and Eastern Europe and other countries, are more than 120 times. Many enterprises said that in the old and new orders, industrial capacity cooperation, independent brand promotion, exhibition development customers, overseas warehouse visits and other aspects have achieved positive results.

Go abroad “to grab orders” to stabilize foreign trade, many domestic places have been mobilized, in addition to Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hunan, Shandong and other provinces.

According to the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce news, the Bureau organized by the charter service to France, Germany will depart on the 9th, the main purpose contains two aspects: one is to help foreign trade enterprises to Europe to maintain customers, for orders; the second is through the investment team to carry out targeted investment.




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