Different kinds of shower

Nowadays, people basically need to use shower in their daily life. There are various kinds of shower on the market, so you need to pay attention when choosing shower. Here are some kinds of shower for you to know.

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According to the purpose of the shower, the shower can be divided into three types: hand shower, top spray and side spray.

Hand showers are the most common. Hand showers can be held for rinsing, or fixed on a shower socket or slide, making your shower flexible and easy.

The top spray is generally installed at a higher position, and the water is discharged vertically.

The side spray shower can spray water in flank, the angle can be adjusted, and the whole body can be massaged when taking a shower.


According to the material of the shower head, there are mainly three kinds: ABS, copper and stainless steel.

ABS shower head is more common, the style of the shower head is various, the price is cheap, but the product life is relatively short.

The cost of copper shower head is high, but the product is durable, and after electroplating, the color of the product is various.

The style of the stainless steel shower head is less various, but the size can be made large.


According to the shower water function, it can be divided into single-function shower and multi-function shower.

The most common multi-function shower is the three-function shower. Common water outlet methods include massage, rain shower, and hybrid.

In addition, there are showers with other functions such as oxygen-enhancing showers, constant temperature showers, and beauty showers.

The oxygen-enhancing shower mixes air and water to enhance the water pressure. On one hand, the water droplets are fuller and softer. On the other hand, the purpose of water saving can be achieved. For users with low water pressure, the air shower will improve the impact effect of the water.

The constant temperature shower head can control the water temperature at 38°C/40°C, or the usual shower temperature. It is no longer necessary to adjust the temperature repeatedly during the shower, which is safer.

The beauty shower is equipped with a built-in activated carbon energy ball, which can effectively remove residual chlorine, heavy metals and harmful impurities from the water, adjust the PH value of the water, and protect human skin and hair.




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